About us

Consult Business Partner

Consult Business Partner (CBP)
The vision of our company
Consult Business Partner (CBP) is a young, dynamic company, a team with common goals and views.
We create our company, guided by the principles and values that will help us to build relationships with our partners.
Our principles

  • We believe in our work and in the statement that we help companies and candidates to become more successful.
  • We build trust and partnerships with clients and colleagues.
  • We are committed to self-development and we know how to develop others.
Our values
We build partnerships based on mutual trust, respect and beneficial cooperation on the basis of Win-Win principle with customers, colleagues and employees.Professionalism
We are committed to the development. We constantly improve our knowledge and skills. We adhere to high standards and quality of services.Leadership
We set ambitious goals for ourcelves. We make brave and courageous decisions. We act independently in difficult situations and we are not afraid to take responsibility for the result.Openness
We welcome original ideas and approaches. We are open-minded.