Staff Leasing

лизинг персонала

Staff Leasing
Development in dynamics
Today’s realities make companies to face with increasingly complex requirements that they must meet them in order to achieve the result.
In a crisis, modern companies need to be flexible in addressing the optimization of business processes.
Most of the large companies are faced with the need to optimize the number of staff, reducing the cost of its maintenance, but also the need to attract new qualified personnel still remains. What should company do in this situation?
Consult Business Partner offers a solution in order to achieve your goalsThat is staff leasing services.
Staff Leasing is quite new service for the Ukrainian market, but it is very dynamic. In the West countries, staff leasing takes the third place among all services in the area of HR-processes. Based on this principle companies engage the seasonal staff or personnel for temporary projects such as inventory, loading, unloading, palletizing, stickering, collation orders etc.
There are a lot of benefits of this service:
  • reducing the time for search for such personnel;
  • there is no need to increase the staff;
  • there is no need to form the personnel department and the accounting department to expand support for the production of HR and payroll hired employees;
  • You can minimize legal and administrative risks related to the release of employees;
  • You have an opportunity to gain quickly the necessary number of employees under the current project.