Effective personnel decision
Today, most companies focused on the core businesses and activities, which directly affects their profits. In additional, but also strategically important, they simply do not have enough time and staff.
We offer the best solution in the form of transfer functions of HR services and payroll. That is outsourcing.

Consult Business Partner will help you to organize the work of Staff quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Outsourcing provides an opportunities:

  • to allocate optimally the resources and to direct its efforts on key business areas;
  • to reduce the cost of human resources and accounting services;
  • to minimize personnel risks;
  • to optimize taxation;
  • to increase the success rate of business (KPI);
  • to save working space in your office.
СВР offers:
  • Organization and documentation software for HR administration, payroll and maintenance projects;
  • Training and delivery of accounting, tax, financial reporting staff to the state services.

Ordering service of staff outsourcing you get rid of recruiting, motivating and subsisting new staff. This is extremely important for the business, which is in the process of restructuring or for young companies.