Individual approach
and customer focus
We work for our partners and offer only the most effective, imaginative and flexible solutions to save time and resources.

This solution is Outstaffing.

Outstaffing allows:

  • Optimize the structure of staffing levels;
  • Reduce the cost, related to the administration staff (reducing the load on the personnel and accounting department);
  • Get advice on legal acts containing norms of labor law and accounting;
  • Enable temporary assistance for project management;
  • The legal and administrative responsibility for the full personnel support lies on the HR provider side.
СВР offers:

  • preparation and maintenance of personnel records in full accordance with Ukrainian legislation;
  • training and support, payroll;
  • formalization travel / training / insurance / mobile communications;
  • the solution of legal and labor disputes with an employee;
  • providing theinformation on the conduct of the project due to personal consultant, who acts according to the “client-consultant-employer.”
Outstaffing makes it possible to minimize the expenditure side, optimize the structure of the business and development of your company!